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Candle Burning Tips for Your Be-Enlightened Candle

Follow these tips for a cleaner burning Be-Enlightened candle and to ensure you get the most burn time from your candle...

Step 1  

Be sure to always light both wicks

Step 2 

Before you relight - make sure the wick lengths are trimmed to 1/2 cm. This ensures the flame stays at the best burn height and stops your candle wicks from getting smoky.

Step 3

Every time you burn your Be-enlightened Candle make sure the wax melts to the edge of the glass. This will prevent your candle burning unevenly and stops wastage of your candle wax.

Step 4

To stop your candle burning use your lid as a snuffer. The lid can be placed under the candle as a coaster whilst the candle is alight.

Choose a candle that suits your home:

Candles are no longer just a functional, ambient lighting option  -  candles are now used as a stand alone decorative item. Consider the colours and finishes of your candle and how they will fit with your Home Decor. 


Be-Enlightened Candles