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5 Inspired Ways to use Natural Stone in your Home

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Let’s face it, from the dawn of time we have been using natural stone and rock as a part of our living spaces.

However, over the last century, natural stone and organic materials have been put aside for man made technology. Homes now have few organic elements and homeowners are craving to bring the outside back in.

Designers and renovators are spending massive amounts to incorporate organic materials and blur the line between indoors and outdoors.

Luckily, with some simple ideas, there are ways to capture the essence of Mother Nature without spending a fortune.

A great place to look for ideas is Indonesia. 

With a climate very similar to Australia – Bali and Java are renowned for traditional architecture and design which mimics its surroundings - sometimes blending with it. Walls are not compulsory, earth tones dominate, natural stone and rock are everywhere.

For Indonesians, stone has a particular significance – it is not just a part of nature but has a spiritual significance.

Every piece of stone has a soul and is treated with a great deal of respect. Superbly crafted stonework and stoneware is found in every village and town on simple homes, in temples and in luxurious five star resorts.

To simply and easily recreate the earthy and organic feel of Indonesian style try adding natural stone in the following ways:

1. The Natural Stone Bathroom

Natural stone basins and stoneware bathroom accessories are an easy way to feature the texture and earthy tones of Mother Nature in your home.

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Stone is the perfect material for a nature inspired bathroom. Items like the river rock basins from Java that we have in store, have a smooth surface that resists staining and is easy to clean – ensuring it is functional as well as beautiful. Sandstone also has wonderful texture, but is best treated with waterproofing for use in the bathroom.

Stone basins

Try one of our bathroom basins to fully feature the organic nature of the stone. For added effect include accessories such as  soap dishes and candleholders.

You could also use pebbles and natural stone in your flooring or wall tiling to complete the look.

2. Indoor Water Feature

The peace and tranquillity of an indoor water feature doesn’t have to include bringing in plumbers and electricians to build large, flowing fountains.

A natural stone bowl filled with frangipanis or candles floating on water is an easy and elegant alternative. Easy to move around, a stone water bowl can even feature as a centrepiece on your dining table.

3. Pots and Planters

Stone planters and pots are so easy to add to any home. Whilst a big palm in a natural stone pot looks amazing – also consider using pots as purely decorative or as a feature.

    stone pot

Natural earthy tones of pots can vary a lot from polished silver grey of granite to the lighter tones of sandstone. You will also find a variety of textures from smooth polished to elaborate patterned and carved pots. 

To connect the outside with inside try using similar coloured and textured pots indoors and outdoors.

4. Sculptures & Carvings

The art of carving stone into something with life and character is not just a skill in places like Indonesia, Ubud, Kapal and Java – it is seen as a moral and religious obligation.

The sculptures and carvings not only retain the organic character of the stone but represent years of tradition and generations of skill. You can find amazing pieces to add to your home from animal figures to friezes to mythical creatures. 

Some of my favourite carvings are from Ubud – where fanciful creatures seem to have emerged from the rocks in the carver’s hands.

5. Accent Accessories

Adding accessories and small accents in natural stone can help to remind us of our connection with nature. Little touches like  river rock soap dishes and natural stone candleholders maintain a subtle, primal link to the earth and Mother Nature.

stone votive candle holder           Rock soap dispenser

Stone Bathroom Accessory Range

Mother nature is all around us – but with a little effort we can make sure our homes are connected not disconnected from the planet around us.

Stone, of course, is only one of many organic elements you can introduce to your home to bring the outdoors in.

Want some more ideas and stone products - see more natural stone basins and products for your home at Cargo Lane.