About Us

“Our mission is to transform your living space into a gorgeous home with our individual, handcrafted, one of a kind furniture and homewares from across the globe.”


It is the story behind each item that defines Cargo Lane.




In the beginning...

The creators of Cargo Lane, Simon and Kerry, have been in interior design and construction for the last 20 years. Their portfolio includes a list of luxury resorts, residential homes and executive holiday estates.

Spending time in exotic locations they developed a love for local handcrafted objects. They began to incorporate these traditionally crafted pieces into their projects.

Over time, this unique style became their signature - blending contemporary design with more exotic handicrafts and homewares to achieve a rich, organic and original look.

Finding authentic, one of a kind items had become increasingly difficult and they saw an opportunity to become a trusted source for those looking for more than mainstream, out of the box items to adorn their living spaces.

“The concept of opening a store full of the things we love had been an idea we had discussed on a number of occasions. So when a fantastic space became available at The Old Butter Factory in beautiful Bellingen we had no excuse and took the plunge.”

Cargo Lane becomes a reality…. 

Setting off to Morocco in 2011 for their first buying trip was a fascinating adventure. They made it their mission to meet suppliers and artisans in traditional villages to understand the stories behind each piece.




 Now, many years on, they have trusted suppliers and talented artisans supplying product from across Australia and in some of the most wild and remote places on the planet.






From the humble beginnings of a bare showroom and a ticket to Morocco, Cargo Lane has developed a national following amongst discerning collectors, leading designers and stylish homemakers.


The people behind the success…kerry-morocco.jpg

Kerry is inspired by the richness of exotic locations like Morocco and the Middle East. She has a passion for original, handcrafted objects that combine aesthetics with functionality. With qualifications in interior design and a well developed eye for good design she is always on the lookout for stand out pieces that “bridge the gap between art, furniture and life”.


simon-morocco.jpgSimon has a long history in building, design and construction with a solid understanding of form, function and materials. His exacting standards and appreciation of well made furniture and valuable artefacts has seen the range evolve into the high quality collection available today.