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Christa Webber and her coastal home that embraces the spirit of adventure ...



Who lives here?

Christa, a well known Pottery Artist, and her partner Ross.

Christa’s Storychrista-kitchen.jpg

Moving 600km away to a country home on 12 acres might be a radical move for many urban dwellers, but for Christa and daughter, it was a vital health decision.
Christa, originally from Switzerland, moved to Sydney in 1970 and over the next 20 years made a name for herself as a Pottery Artist.

Unfortunately, over this time she developed Potters Disease, caused by breathing the fine dust particles working with clay.

Christa made the march up the coast on Doctors orders, moving to beautiful Bellingen near Coff Harbour. Christa built a country retreat on the pristine bushland property and opened it as a B & B called Magic Ponds.

Christa’s love of design and unique style were evident in the buildings and furnishings of the retreat and the Magic Ponds became known for its Asian influenced architecture and glorious position in the “Promised Land”. Despite its success, Christa chose to move closer to the coast, to alleviate further health issues.


She purchased a recently renovated beach home at Sapphire Beach, and with the help of architect, Peter Davey, further extended the home to meet her requirements.

The coastal location and modern feel of the home instinctively guided Christa’s extension plans. “It was not a makeover but more a blending with the existing building” she says. “Peter has done a fantastic job designing the addition and had to contend with tricky materials.”

 The home exudes charm, it is built over 2 levels and takes full advantage of it’s glorious location with balconies at the front and rear to take in the beach and ocean views.

 The open plan living space has a natural connection to outdoors, opening onto the tropical rear garden and courtyard.

 Christa successfully marries modern aesthetics with antiques, retro and exotic pieces. She has a knack for mixing modern design with ancient fossil tables, exotic Moroccan items, retro furniture, provincial chairs and the rugged beauty of organic material like natural leather. A mix that works perfectly in this unique beach house.



What inspires your style?

Her inspiration for furnishing and design comes from her earlier life in Switzerland and the magnificent furniture on offer in Europe. It’s a fusion of styles from far flung destinations and eclectic treasures that make her rooms come alive.


What are the favourite items you have purchased from Cargo Lane?fossil-coffee-table.jpg

Retro Desk:

Fossil Table:  (see image right)

Moroccan Mirror:

Sofa –Saville:

Crossback Chairs:

Leather Office chair:

World globe: